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Netherlands (Holland) 1 Ducat Gold Coin (Random Date)
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The Netherlands (Holland) 1 Ducat Gold Coin, issued on various dates, is a storied piece of Dutch numismatic history, highly regarded by collectors and investors for its gold content and historical significance. Traditionally struck in .983 fine gold, the coin has an actual gold weight (AGW) of approximately 0.1107 troy ounces (about 3.44 grams). The design of the 1 Ducat coin is emblematic of the Dutch Republic's rich heritage, typically featuring the standing knight with a bundle of arrows, symbolizing the unity of the seven provinces of the Netherlands that formed the Republic. The reverse usually bears the inscription of the coin's value and the issuing province, encapsulating the political structure of the period it represents. The Dutch Ducat has a long history, originally introduced in the late 16th century and has been minted continuously over the centuries, serving not only as a trade coin but also as a symbol of Dutch mercantile and maritime prowess. Its gold purity and weight have made it a favored coin for international trade and investment. Today, the Netherlands (Holland) 1 Ducat Gold Coin is sought after for its historical allure, the continuity of its design, and its role in the global economy, making it a fascinating and valuable addition to any collection focused on European gold coins or the history of international trade and currency.
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0.1107 Troy Ounce
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