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French 20 Francs Napoleon III (1852-1870)
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The French 20 Francs gold coin from the Napoleon III era, spanning 1852 to 1870, is a notable numismatic piece that reflects the grandeur of the Second French Empire. The coin features the portrait of Emperor Napoleon III, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, with variants including the bareheaded and laureate (crowned with laurel) designs, indicative of his imperial authority and the era's neoclassical aesthetic. Minted with a gold purity of 90% (21.6 karats), each coin holds an actual gold weight of 0.1867 troy ounces (5.805 grams). The reverse typically depicts the imperial eagle, a symbol of the Bonaparte dynasty, and the denomination framed by a wreath, echoing the empire's military might and political power. These coins were part of the Latin Monetary Union, which standardized the gold content among several European countries, and remain a tangible connection to the opulence and historical upheavals of 19th-century France.
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