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French 20 Francs Louis XVIII (1816-1824)
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The French 20 Francs gold coin bearing the likeness of Louis XVIII, struck from 1816 to 1824, heralds the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy following the upheaval of the Napoleonic wars. The obverse of the coin features a stately portrait of Louis XVIII, characterized by his corpulent figure and regal attire, symbolizing the return to monarchical tradition and stability in France. The reverse is adorned with the royal coat of arms, a powerful emblem of the reestablished Bourbon dynasty's legitimacy and continuity with the past. Crafted with 90% gold purity (21.6 karats), these coins contain an actual gold weight of 0.1867 troy ounces (5.805 grams). The 20 Francs Louis XVIII coin is not merely a piece of currency but a tangible piece of French royalist history, representing a nation's effort to reclaim its identity in the post-Napoleonic era and the complexities of its political landscape.
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