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French 20 Francs Louis Philippe (1830-1848)
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The French 20 Francs coin featuring Louis Philippe I, minted from 1830 to 1848, commemorates the July Monarchy of France. The obverse of the coin proudly bears the profile of King Louis Philippe, with the distinctive King's title "Roi des Français" instead of "Roi de France," signifying the monarch's commitment to the people rather than the land, a shift reflective of the post-revolutionary era. The design often includes a wreath or laurel surrounding the king's head, symbolizing victory and sovereignty. Struck with a gold purity of 90% (21.6 karats), the coin contains an actual gold weight of 0.1867 troy ounces (5.805 grams). The reverse side typically showcases the royal coat of arms of France, reinforcing the legitimacy and continuity of the Orleans monarchy. These coins not only served as stable currency during Louis Philippe's reign but also remain as relics of France's constitutional monarchy phase, capturing a period of relative peace and the burgeoning spirit of nationalism in the country.
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