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British Sovereign Queen Victoria (1838-1901)
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The British Sovereign featuring Queen Victoria, struck from 1838 to 1901, is a quintessential gold coin of the Victorian era, encapsulating the grandeur of the British Empire. Throughout its circulation, it showcased various portraits of the monarch, starting with the 'Young Head' design by William Wyon, which depicted a youthful Victoria with a ribbon-bound hair, followed by the 'Jubilee Head' by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, marking her 50 years on the throne with a crown and veil, and concluding with the 'Old Head' or 'Veiled Head' by Sir Thomas Brock, reflecting her maturity with a veil and small crown. The coin, with a fineness of 22 carats, contains an actual gold weight of 0.2354 troy ounces, equivalent to 7.322 grams. The reverse side, typically bearing the image of Saint George slaying a dragon, a design crafted by Benedetto Pistrucci, symbolizes valor and honor. This coin not only served as solid currency but also as a symbol of a vast and diverse empire, making it a sought-after piece for numismatists and historians alike.
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0.2354 Troy Ounces
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