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Argentina 5 Peso Un Argentino (1881-1896)
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The Argentina 5 Peso Un Argentino is a gold coin that was minted between 1881 and 1896 during a period of economic stability and growth in Argentina. The coin features the portrait of an Argentine gaucho, a skilled horseman and cowboy who symbolized the country's rural traditions and values, on the obverse side. The reverse side depicts the Argentine coat of arms, which includes an image of two shaking hands representing unity, a Phrygian cap symbolizing liberty, and a rising sun signifying the emergence of Argentina as a nation. The 5 Peso Un Argentino coin was struck in 90% gold and weighs 8.0645 grams, with a diameter of 22 millimeters. These coins were minted during the presidency of Julio Argentino Roca, who implemented policies that encouraged foreign investment, modernized infrastructure, and expanded agricultural production, leading to a period of prosperity known as the "Argentine Belle Époque."
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