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5 Gram Platinum Bar .9995 Fine Accredited Brands Sealed in Carded Assay
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The 5 Gram Platinum Bar, with a .9995 fine purity and sealed in a carded assay from accredited brands, is a valuable and trusted option for precious metal investors and collectors. These bars are produced by world-renowned refineries known for their high-quality standards in platinum refining. Each bar contains 5 grams of platinum, a rare and sought-after metal, at a high purity level of 99.95%. The carded assay packaging provides both protection and authentication, featuring crucial details like the bar's weight, its high purity, and a unique serial number for added security. This size of the bar is especially appealing for those looking to invest in platinum in more manageable increments, offering a balance between the intrinsic value of the metal and the practicality of a smaller, easily storable size. The 5 Gram Platinum Bar is a popular choice for diversifying investment portfolios with a high-quality, high-purity platinum product from reputable and accredited sources in the precious metals market.
Item Weight
5 Grams
Metal Purity
Carded Assay
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