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30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda Sealed .999 Fine (Random Date)
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The 30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda, sealed to ensure its condition and featuring a .999 fine silver purity, is a standout offering in the globally acclaimed Chinese Panda coin series. Issued by the People's Republic of China in random date formats, these coins are celebrated for their unique design approach, which includes introducing a new panda portrayal each year. This innovative strategy not only showcases the panda, an emblem of China's wildlife and cultural identity, in various engaging scenes but also adds a dynamic collectible aspect to the series, making each year's release eagerly anticipated by collectors and investors. Transitioning to a 30-gram weight from the traditional 1 oz format in 2016, the Chinese Silver Panda aligns with the metric system, enhancing its appeal in the international market. The fine silver content, coupled with the artistic value of the annually changing designs and the coin's cultural resonance, makes the 30 Gram Chinese Silver Panda a prized asset. Its sealed packaging guarantees authenticity and preserves the coin's pristine state, offering a blend of investment appeal and numismatic beauty that is attractive to a broad spectrum of enthusiasts.
Item Weight
30 Grams
Metal Purity
Random Date
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