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3 Gram Chinese Gold Panda Sealed .999 Fine (Random Date)
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The 3 Gram Chinese Gold Panda, featuring a .999 fine gold purity and presented in a sealed package, is a distinguished part of China's renowned Panda coin series. Issued by the People's Republic of China with random date selections, this series is acclaimed for its unique approach of introducing a new panda design each year, capturing the essence and allure of this symbolic national treasure in various depictions. The transition to metric system measurements, including this 3 gram variant, marks a modernization in the bullion market, enhancing the series' appeal to collectors and investors globally. The combination of its fine gold content, the artistic innovation of the annually changing designs, and the cultural significance of the panda makes the 3 Gram Chinese Gold Panda a sought-after collectible and investment. The sealing of the coin ensures its preservation and authenticity, offering a blend of beauty, purity, and value that makes it a prized addition to any collection or investment portfolio, appealing to those who value both precious metal investment and numismatic artistry.
Item Weight
3 Grams
Metal Purity
Plastic Seal
Random Date
Pure Qualified
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