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2022 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Maid Marian Myths & Legends .9999 Fine £100 Coin
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The 2022 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Maid Marian Myths & Legends £100 Coin is a stellar continuation of the Royal Mint's celebrated Myths & Legends series, paying homage to Maid Marian, a central figure in the Robin Hood legend and English folklore. Minted with a .9999 fine gold purity, this coin beautifully captures the elegance and spirit of Maid Marian, often depicted as Robin Hood's lover and a symbol of steadfastness and compassion within the tales of Sherwood Forest. The coin's design intricately portrays Maid Marian in a stance that reflects her strength and grace, complementing the narrative of heroism and adventure that the series embodies. The obverse showcases the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, signifying the coin's legal tender status in the United Kingdom with a face value of £100. This release not only appeals to gold investors for its precious metal content but also attracts collectors and enthusiasts of British legends and folklore, offering a piece of the rich storytelling tradition that has captivated audiences for generations. The 2022 Gold Maid Marian coin underscores the Royal Mint's expertise in numismatic craftsmanship, merging historical and cultural significance with the intrinsic value of gold, making it a coveted piece for those who cherish the legacy of Britain's mythic past.
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1 Troy Ounce
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