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2021 1 oz Platinum Great Britain Queen's Beast White Lion .9995 Fine £100 Coin
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The 2021 1 oz Platinum Great Britain Queen's Beast White Lion Coin is a prestigious addition to the renowned Queen's Beast series, crafted in .9995 fine platinum. This coin celebrates the heraldic creatures that stood guard at Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. The obverse features the fifth definitive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark, and includes the coin's legal tender value of £100. The reverse showcases the regal White Lion of Mortimer, a symbol of bravery and nobility, depicted with intricate details that emphasize its majestic presence. Weighing 1 oz, the coin contains approximately 31.1035 grams of pure platinum. Its high purity and limited mintage enhance its desirability among collectors and investors. The 2021 1 oz Platinum Queen's Beast White Lion Coin combines historical significance, exquisite artistry, and substantial investment value, making it a prized addition to any numismatic collection.
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