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2019 2 oz Silver Great Britain Queen's Beast Yale .9999 Fine £5 Coin
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The 2019 2 oz Silver Great Britain Queen's Beast Yale coin is a striking addition to the Royal Mint's illustrious Queen's Beasts series, minted with a .9999 fine silver purity. This series celebrates the ten heraldic statues that were present at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, each representing various strands of her ancestral lineage. The Yale of Beaufort, depicted in this edition, is a mythical beast with the body of a goat and the tusks of a boar, symbolizing the attributes of strength, defense, and vigilance. The coin beautifully renders the Yale in a powerful stance, adorned with a shield that carries the historic arms associated with Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII, linking the beast to the Tudor dynasty. Weighing 2 ounces, this coin is both a significant investment in fine silver and a piece of numismatic art that captures a unique aspect of British heraldry and royal tradition. The Queen's Beasts series, known for its high-quality minting and detailed designs, has been widely acclaimed, making the Yale of Beaufort coin a coveted item for collectors and investors who appreciate the blend of historical significance, artistic craftsmanship, and precious metal content.
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2 Troy Ounce
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