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2018 2 oz Silver Great Britain Queen's Beast Unicorn .9999 Fine £5 Coin
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The 2018 2 oz Silver Great Britain Queen's Beast Unicorn coin is a standout release in the Royal Mint's prestigious Queen's Beasts series, crafted with a .9999 fine silver purity. This series celebrates the ten heraldic beasts that stood at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, each symbolizing different parts of her royal heritage. The Unicorn of Scotland, featured in this edition, represents purity, innocence, and power in heraldry, and is one of Scotland's most enduring national symbols. The coin's design beautifully captures the majestic stance of the Unicorn, chained to a shield bearing the historic Scottish arms, embodying the animal's strength and the nation's rich history. Weighing 2 ounces, the Unicorn coin offers a significant investment in fine silver, along with the artistry and historical depth that the Queen's Beasts series is known for. The series has been widely acclaimed for its high-quality minting, intricate designs, and deep cultural significance, making the 2018 Unicorn of Scotland coin a sought-after piece for collectors and investors who appreciate the fusion of numismatic craftsmanship with legendary symbolism.
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2 Troy Ounce
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Original Tube
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