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2017 2 oz Silver Great Britain Queen's Beast Dragon .9999 Fine £5 Coin
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The 2017 2 oz Silver Great Britain Queen's Beast Dragon coin is the third release in the Royal Mint's prestigious Queen's Beasts series, showcasing a .9999 fine silver purity. This series is inspired by the ten heraldic beasts that stood guard during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, each representing different parts of her royal ancestry. The Dragon of Wales, featured on this coin, symbolizes power, strength, and wisdom. It's intricately designed, capturing the fierce and majestic nature of the dragon, an iconic figure in heraldry and a symbol of sovereignty and valor in British culture. Weighing 2 ounces, the coin offers collectors and investors not only a significant piece of precious metal but also a work of numismatic art that connects them to the rich tapestry of British history and mythology. The Queen's Beasts series, known for its high silver content and exceptional craftsmanship, has garnered attention and acclaim from both numismatists and investors around the world. The Dragon of Wales coin, with its dynamic design and deep cultural significance, is a standout addition to any collection or investment portfolio, embodying the legacy and spirit of the British monarchy.
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2 Troy Ounce
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