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2017 1 oz Gold Great Britain Queen's Beast Griffin .9999 Fine £100 Coin
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The 2017 1 oz Gold Great Britain Queen's Beast Griffin coin is a standout second release in the Royal Mint's acclaimed Queen's Beasts series, featuring a remarkable .9999 fine gold purity. This series draws inspiration from the ten heraldic statues that were displayed at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, each representing different elements of her ancestry and the history of the British monarchy. The Griffin of Edward III, highlighted in this edition, symbolizes vigilance, courage, and strength, with its eagle's head and lion's body capturing the essence of both the sky and the land. The coin's design intricately showcases the Griffin clutching a shield with its powerful talons, presenting a dynamic and majestic portrayal that reflects its heraldic significance. Weighing 1 ounce, this gold coin is not only a significant investment in precious metal but also a piece of numismatic art that commemorates the rich heritage of British heraldry and the monarchy. The Queen's Beasts series is celebrated for its detailed designs, exceptional minting quality, and the depth of cultural and historical resonance it offers, making the 2017 Gold Griffin a coveted collectible and investment for those who cherish the fusion of historical significance and the intrinsic value of gold.
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1 Troy Ounce
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