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2013 Canadian 1 oz Silver Wildlife Series Wood Bison .9999 Fine $5 Coin
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The 2013 Canada 1 oz Silver Wildlife Series Wood Bison coin is a standout piece from the Royal Canadian Mint, featuring .9999 fine silver purity. This coin is part of the celebrated Canadian Wildlife Series, which pays homage to the diverse and majestic wildlife of Canada. The 2013 edition focuses on the wood bison, an iconic symbol of Canadian wilderness and one of the country's largest land animals, showcasing its significance in Canada's natural heritage. The coin beautifully captures the wood bison in a detailed and dynamic design, emphasizing the animal's strength and serene presence in the Canadian landscape. Weighing 1 ounce, the coin is highly prized by collectors and investors alike for its silver content, exquisite craftsmanship, and the role it plays in celebrating Canada's rich wildlife. The Wildlife Series has been acclaimed for its artistic merit and precision in minting, making the Wood Bison coin a sought-after item for those who appreciate the beauty of wildlife and the excellence of Canadian numismatics.
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