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2013 3/4 oz Canadian $2 Devils Brigade Silver Coin .9999 Fine
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The 2013 3/4 oz Canadian $2 Devil's Brigade Silver Coin is a distinctive and historically significant piece minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin, containing 3/4 ounce of .9999 fine silver, is notable for its unique weight, different from the more common one-ounce silver coins. It commemorates the Devil's Brigade, also known as the First Special Service Force, a joint American-Canadian commando unit that served with distinction during World War II. The coin's design likely pays tribute to the bravery and skills of this elite unit. The face value of $2 confirms its status as legal tender in Canada. The specific 2013 year of issue adds to the collectibility of the coin, making it a sought-after item for collectors interested in military history, unique coin weights, and the investment value of fine silver. This coin is particularly valued for its blend of historical significance, fine silver content, and its tribute to a notable chapter in Canadian and American military history.
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3/4 Troy Ounce
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