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2012 3/4 oz Canadian War of 1812 Silver $1 Coin .9999 Fine
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The 2012 3/4 oz Canadian War of 1812 Silver Coin is a special commemorative issue by the Royal Canadian Mint, crafted from 3/4 ounce of .9999 fine silver. This coin is notable for its unique size and the historical significance of its theme. The War of 1812, a pivotal event in North American history, saw significant military engagements between the United States and British forces, including those from Canada. The coin's design likely features imagery or symbols commemorating this historical conflict, possibly depicting notable figures, battles, or symbols from the war. With a face value of $1, it's recognized as legal tender in Canada. The specific 2012 year of issue marks the bicentennial of the War of 1812, enhancing its appeal to collectors and history enthusiasts. This coin is valued for its unique blend of historical commemoration, fine silver content, and its role in remembering a critical period in Canadian and American history.
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3/4 Troy Ounce
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