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20 Gram Pamp Fortuna Gold Bar .9999 Fine Sealed in Assay
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The 20 Gram Pamp Gold Bar, with a .9999 fine purity and sealed in an assay card, is a premium offering from PAMP Suisse, renowned for its exceptional quality in precious metal refining. This bar contains 20 grams of 99.99% pure gold, showcasing PAMP's commitment to producing high-grade bullion products. The bar is often embellished with PAMP's signature designs, which could range from intricate cultural motifs to sleek, modern styles, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Encased in a tamper-evident assay card, the bar is both protected and authenticated, with the card providing essential details like weight, purity, and a unique serial number for added security and verification. This bar is particularly sought after in the precious metals market for its combination of significant gold content, the reputable craftsmanship of PAMP Suisse, and the enhanced security features provided by the assay card, making it a valuable investment for both collectors and those seeking to diversify their portfolio with high-purity gold.
Item Weight
20 Grams
Metal Purity
Carded Assay
Stocked by Costco
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