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1995-W 10th Anniversary Proof Eagle Set (w/Box & COA)
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The 1995-W 10th Anniversary Proof Eagle Set is a highly sought-after numismatic collection that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the American Eagle coin series. This exquisite set includes five stunning proof coins, each struck at the West Point Mint and bearing the "W" mintmark, signifying their special origin. The set comprises a 1/10 oz $5 Gold Eagle, a 1/4 oz $10 Gold Eagle, a 1/2 oz $25 Gold Eagle, a 1 oz $50 Gold Eagle, and a 1 oz Silver Eagle, all minted in 91.67% fine gold (for gold coins) and 99.9% fine silver (for the Silver Eagle). These coins showcase the iconic designs of Lady Liberty and the American bald eagle and are known for their exceptional proof finish, displaying intricate details and mirror-like backgrounds. What makes this set particularly special is the rarity of the included 1995-W Silver Eagle, which is highly coveted by collectors for its limited mintage and historical significance. Overall, the 1995-W 10th Anniversary Proof Eagle Set is a treasured collection that combines the beauty of American coinage with the celebration of a milestone in numismatic history.
Item Weight
1.85 Troy Ounce
Metal Purity
Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
Original Box
Pure Qualified
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