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1907 High Relief St. Gaudens $20 Double Eagle PCGS Certified
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The 1907 High Relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, PCGS Certified, is one of the most storied and sought-after coins in the numismatic community. Designed by the acclaimed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens at the behest of President Theodore Roosevelt, this $20 gold piece features a dramatic high relief that gives the images of Liberty and the flying eagle a striking three-dimensional effect. The coin's obverse showcases Lady Liberty striding forward with a torch and an olive branch, symbolizing enlightenment and peace, while the reverse depicts a majestic eagle in flight, embodying the nation's aspirations. The high relief detail required multiple strikes to bring out the depth and intricacy of the design, leading to limited production and eventual modification to lower relief for practical circulation. Certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), these coins are authenticated and graded for quality, ensuring their condition and authenticity. Collectors highly prize the 1907 High Relief Double Eagle for its beauty, historical significance, and the grandeur of its artistry, making it a crown jewel in any coin collection.
Item Weight
0.9675 Troy Ounce
Metal Purity
Pure Qualified
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