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1885 CC GSA Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar
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The 1885 CC GSA Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar is a highly coveted coin among collectors and numismatists. Minted at the Carson City Mint in Nevada, this coin proudly features the iconic "CC" mintmark, signifying its origin at a facility celebrated for its limited production of Morgan Dollars. Composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, the coin displays the classic Morgan design, with Lady Liberty on the obverse and a majestic eagle on the reverse. Its historical significance is further highlighted by its association with the General Services Administration (GSA) sales of the 1970s, when a cache of uncirculated Carson City Morgan Dollars, including the 1885 CC, was rediscovered and offered to collectors. With a mintage of 228,000, it is considered one of the scarcer issues within the Carson City Morgan Dollar series, adding to its desirability. The 1885 CC GSA Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar is cherished for its historical importance, rarity, and captivating tale of reemergence in the numismatic world.
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0.7734 Troy Ounce
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