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1780 Austria Maria Theresa Silver Thaler 0.833 Fine
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The 1780 Austria Maria Theresa Silver Thaler is a historic and highly sought-after coin. Struck during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa, this coin features her iconic portrait on the obverse and the double-headed imperial eagle on the reverse. Minted with a fineness of 0.833 (83.3% pure silver), it has a weight of approximately 28 grams. These coins were widely circulated and accepted as a trade currency throughout Europe, the Levant, and parts of Africa. Restrikes of this coin were produced at various mints, including Vienna, Milan, and Venice, to meet the high demand for this popular trade coin. Collectors and numismatists highly value the Maria Theresa Thaler for its historical significance, beautiful design, and enduring legacy as a global trade currency.
Item Weight
0.7517 Troy Ounce
Metal Purity
Pure Qualified
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