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1/4 oz Pamp Solomon Islands Proof Gold F1 Grand Prix $25 Coin in Assay .9999 Fine
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The 1/4 oz Pamp Solomon Islands Proof Gold F1 Grand Prix $25 Coin is a prestigious collectible and investment piece, crafted in .9999 fine gold. This coin celebrates the excitement and legacy of Formula 1 racing, featuring a detailed design that captures the essence of the Grand Prix. The obverse side of the coin showcases the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, confirming its status as legal tender with a face value of $25. Produced by PAMP Suisse, a renowned leader in precious metals, this coin is securely presented in a sealed assay card that certifies its authenticity and gold content. The proof quality of the coin, characterized by its exceptional detail and mirror-like finish, highlights the precision and artistry of its minting. With a weight of 1/4 oz, which translates to approximately 7.775875 grams of pure gold, this coin offers a balanced option for collectors and investors looking to add fine gold to their portfolios. The combination of its limited mintage, high gold purity, and celebration of the prestigious F1 Grand Prix enhances its appeal and value in the numismatic market.
Item Weight
1/4 Troy Ounce
Metal Purity
Carded Assay
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