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1/4 oz Australian Wildlife Perth .9999 Fine Gold $25 Coin (Random Date)
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The 1/4 oz Australian Wildlife Perth .9999 Fine Gold Coin, offered with a random date, is an exquisite piece from the Perth Mint, celebrated for its quality and detailed designs. This coin is composed of a quarter ounce of 99.99% pure gold, showcasing the Mint's commitment to high standards in precious metal minting. Each coin in this series features a unique depiction of Australia's diverse and distinctive wildlife, highlighting species that are emblematic of the country's rich natural heritage. The 'Random Date' aspect of these coins adds an element of surprise and variety, as collectors receive coins from different years, each with potentially different wildlife designs. This series is highly sought after by collectors and investors alike for its combination of artistic wildlife portrayals, the high purity of gold, and the esteemed reputation of the Perth Mint, making these coins a valuable and intriguing addition to any collection of precious metal coins.
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1/4 Troy Ounce
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