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1/4 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo .9999 Fine in Capsule $25 Coin (Random Date)
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The 1/4 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo, minted with .9999 fine gold and presented in a protective capsule, is a notable offering from the Perth Mint, celebrated for its high-quality minting. This coin contains a quarter of an ounce of 99.99% pure gold, part of the renowned Gold Kangaroo series which features annually changing designs of the kangaroo, an iconic symbol of Australia's unique wildlife. The 'Random Date' aspect means that collectors receive a coin from varying years of issue, each with its distinct kangaroo depiction, adding an element of variety and surprise. This size of the coin strikes a balance between affordability and the value of gold, making it accessible for collectors and investors. Encased in a capsule for protection and preservation, the 1/4 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo is sought after for its artistic designs, gold purity, and the prestige of the Perth Mint, appealing to those who appreciate the blend of numismatic art and precious metal investment.
Item Weight
1/4 Troy Ounce
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Random Date
Pure Qualified
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