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1/2 Kilo (500 Gram) Silver Bar Accredited Brands
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The 1/2 Kilo (500 Gram) Silver Bar from Accredited Brands is a substantial and reliable investment in precious metals, made from .999 fine silver. Weighing 500 grams (approximately 16.075 troy ounces), this bar offers a significant amount of silver in a compact and easily stored form. Produced by reputable and accredited refiners, these bars are known for their high quality and purity. The obverse of the bar typically features the logo of the refining brand, along with weight and purity specifications, ensuring authenticity and value. The reverse side is often left plain, highlighting its straightforward and utilitarian design. The 1/2 Kilo Silver Bar is an excellent choice for investors looking to acquire a considerable amount of silver with the convenience of a single, compact bar. Its high purity and the assurance of accredited branding make it a valuable addition to any investment portfolio or precious metals collection.
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