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100 Gram Gold Bar Accredited Brands Uncarded .9999 Fine
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The 100 gram Gold Bar from accredited brands, featuring a .9999 fine purity and uncarded, represents a substantial investment in high-quality gold. Produced by some of the world's most reputable and accredited refineries, these bars ensure a standard of excellence and purity. Each bar contains 100 grams of 99.99% pure gold, providing a significant amount of this precious metal. While these bars do not come in tamper-evident assay packaging, their authenticity and quality are assured by the reputation of the manufacturing refinery. Typically, these bars display the refinery's logo, along with inscriptions of the weight, purity, and sometimes a unique serial number. Ideal for serious investors looking to make a substantial addition to their portfolios, these 100 gram Gold Bars combine the security of a high-purity gold investment with the reliability of well-known, trusted refineries in the precious metals market.
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100 Grams
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