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10 oz Engelhard Gold Bar .9999 Fine (Poured/Pressed)
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The 10 oz Engelhard Gold Bar, marked with a .9999 fine purity, is a prestigious offering from one of the most respected names in the precious metals industry. Available in both poured and pressed forms, this gold bar caters to a variety of collector and investor preferences, combining the allure of high-purity gold with the craftsmanship and reliability Engelhard is known for. Poured bars feature a distinctive, rustic appearance, making each piece uniquely textured, while pressed bars offer a sleek, uniform finish with precise detailing. Holding ten ounces of 99.99% pure gold, these bars are a significant investment, valued not just for their gold content but also for the Engelhard brand's legacy of quality and trust. Whether for investment portfolios or as a collectible, the Engelhard 10 oz Gold Bar embodies the perfect blend of tangible asset value and the heritage of one of the premier names in gold bullion production.
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10 Troy Ounce
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