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1 oz Platinum Engelhard Bar 99.95 Fine Sealed in Assay Card
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The 1 oz Platinum Engelhard Bar, marked as 99.95% fine and sealed in an assay card, is a high-quality investment product from one of the most reputable names in the precious metals industry. Engelhard, recognized for its commitment to quality and authenticity, ensures that this bar contains one ounce of platinum with an exceptional purity level of 99.95%. This level of fineness is particularly significant for platinum, a metal known for its rarity, high economic value, and industrial uses, especially in automotive catalytic converters and various electronics. The inclusion of an assay card is crucial for investors and collectors alike, as it provides a secure and tamper-evident packaging, along with a certificate that guarantees the bar's weight, purity, and includes a unique serial number for verification. Engelhard's platinum bars are highly esteemed in the market, appealing to those who seek to diversify their portfolio with a tangible asset that offers both stability and potential for appreciation in value.
Item Weight
1 Troy Ounce
Metal Purity
Carded Assay
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