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1 oz Pamp Azure Lunar Dragon Gold Bar .9999 Fine Sealed in Red Carded Assay
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The 1 oz PAMP Azure Lunar Dragon Gold Bar is a striking piece of .9999 fine gold, encapsulated within a red carded assay that highlights its authenticity and purity, issued by the prestigious PAMP Suisse to commemorate the Lunar Year of the Dragon. This bar features an exquisitely detailed design of the Azure Dragon, a powerful symbol in Chinese mythology known for its dominion over water and weather, embodying strength, fortune, and authority. The vivid imagery of the dragon is beautifully rendered, capturing the creature's essence and making the bar a coveted item for collectors and investors alike. The red assay packaging, a color deeply rooted in luck and prosperity in many cultures, further enhances the bar's appeal, making it an ideal gift or a significant addition to any precious metal portfolio. With PAMP Suisse's reputation for exceptional quality and design, the 1 oz Azure Lunar Dragon Gold Bar offers a unique blend of cultural significance, artistic beauty, and investment value, appealing to a broad spectrum of gold enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the fusion of tradition and fine craftsmanship.
Item Weight
1 Troy Ounce
Metal Purity
Carded Assay
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