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1 Kilo Silver Australian Kookaburra .999 Fine Perth $30 Coin (Random Date)
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The 1 Kilo Silver Australian Kookaburra coin, produced by the Perth Mint with a .999 fine silver purity, is an impressive offering within the renowned Australian Kookaburra series. Available in random date issues, this coin is part of a series celebrated for its depiction of the kookaburra, an iconic bird known for its distinctive call that echoes the sounds of the Australian bushland. Each year, the design of the coin is updated to feature a new image of the kookaburra, making each issue unique and highly collectible. Weighing 1 kilogram (approximately 32.15 troy ounces), it represents a significant investment in silver, appealing to both investors and collectors for its substantial silver content and artistic value. The Perth Mint is recognized globally for its excellence in coin production and innovative designs, making the 1 Kilo Silver Australian Kookaburra a sought-after piece for those looking to enhance their collection with a sizeable and beautifully crafted silver coin that captures the essence of Australian wildlife.
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1 Kilo
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