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1 Kilo Australian Silver Lunar Series I/II/III $30 Coin .999 Fine (Random Date)
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The 1 Kilo Australian Silver Lunar coin, part of the Perth Mint's renowned Australian Lunar Series I, II, or III, is minted with .999 fine silver and is a standout piece for both collectors and investors. Each series has been celebrated for its annual designs that honor the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, with each year's coin featuring a different zodiac animal in intricate detail, reflective of the animal's characteristics as defined by Chinese astrology. Available in random dates, depending on the series and year, these coins offer a significant weight in silver, making them highly desirable for their metal content as well as their numismatic value. The obverse of the coin typically displays the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, affirming its status as legal tender under Australian law. The Lunar series coins are sought after for their beautiful designs, investment potential, and the cultural significance of the zodiac symbols they bear. The 1 Kilo Silver Lunar coin is especially appealing for those looking to make a substantial addition to their collection or investment portfolio, combining the Perth Mint's high standard of minting with the rich traditions of the Chinese Lunar calendar.
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1 Kilo
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