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35% Silver War-Time Nickel (1942-1945)
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The 35% Silver War-Time Nickel, minted from 1942 to 1945, was a unique coin produced by the United States Mint during World War II. Due to the shortage of nickel, which was a critical metal for the war effort, the composition of the five-cent coin was changed to a copper-silver alloy containing 35% silver and 65% copper. These coins featured the same design as the regular Jefferson nickel, with the Monticello reverse, but had a distinctive silver-gray color and a slightly different weight and size. The wartime nickels were minted at all three active mints at the time: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco, and can be identified by their respective mint marks. These coins hold historical significance as a testament to the sacrifices made on the home front during the war years and are highly sought after by collectors today.
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0.05625 Troy Ounce
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