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Gold Price Today

Today's current gold price is influenced by a range of different factors and can be tracked using our live gold price chart, which quotes the spot gold price on NY Time (EST), using the COMEX market. The daily price for gold changes every second, and can fluctuate very quickly depending on market factors such as inflation reports, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and global/political turmoil. The gold price for physical gold and gold bullion fluctuates off on the metals premium, the cost of mining, assaying, and the design of the specific gold coin or gold bar. The only day that gold does not have a daily price change is on Saturday when all markets are closed. Live gold prices are active from Sunday at 6 PM EST, to Friday at 5 PM EST.

Historical Gold Prices

Gold Price History starts at the beginning of ancient times when physical gold was used as a medium of exchange. Modern gold price history in the United States started in 1933 when the Federal Reserve issued Executive Order 6102, which enacted the Gold Act of 1934, confiscating all physical gold bullion and gold currency to be replaced with paper money. Gold price immediately rose up one week after the act in 1934, to $34 an ounce, previous to the $20 per ounce that was backed by the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle. Since then, gold has increased by nearly $2,350 an ounce, a 100x since the early 1930's. In 1980, physical gold topped out at $615 an ounce, and after the 2008 financial recession, the daily price hit almost $1,700 an ounce. Gold Bullion Products such as the South African Krugerrand were the first to be introduced in the 1960s and 1970s, quickly followed by the Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, and American Gold Eagles in the 1980s. Gold broke $2,000 an ounce shortly after the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, and has been rising ever since, breaking $2,400 an ounce earlier this year. The current spot price can be calculated on the page above.

Gold Futures

Gold Futures Contract represents gold derivatives, which are bought and sold on speculation of the gold bullion market, backed by 400 Troy Ounce weighted "Good Delivery Bars" in the COMEX, and London Bullion Market. These Gold Futures Contracts are used in ETF which investors buy and sell to speculate on the future market of gold prices. These trades often make up what we would consider the current gold price, or current gold spot price when trading around the world. The live gold spot price is tracked by Bids, orders for buying and Asks, orders for selling. The difference between the Bid and the Ask is considered the spread, which causes price changes throughout the market day. The live gold price charts also reflect the gold futures prices.

Gold Bars

Gold is traded in Troy Ounce and gram-weighted forms, distributed and backed by refiners and assayers around the world, including but not limited to Sovereign Mints such as the United States Mint and Royal Canadian Mint. The most common sizes for gold bars include 1 oz Gold Bars, 10 Gold Bars, and 1 Kilo Gold Bars. Most accredited brands fall under the LBMA Accreditation, which represents the global gold market in the London Bullion Market Association.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of gold today?

The Current Price of Gold can be found by looking at the chart above. Live gold prices are re-calculated every 10 seconds according to the spot price. Gold rates for grams and kilos can be found by dividing by 31.1 grams (Gram price) or multiplying by 32.15 (Kilo price).

When does the spot market open?

The live gold price chart opens Sunday at 6 PM EST, to Friday at 5 PM EST. There are many different markets that spot prices are pulled from but the most common on the COMEX market is USD based in the United States, and the LBMA bullion exchange denoted in British pounds based in the United Kingdom. The Daily Price of gold is based on the market makers that trade in these markets.

What is a troy ounce of gold?

Troy ounces are the standard for precious metal units, denoted as 31.1 grams. You can read more about how many grams are in an ounce here. The daily price of gold is denoted by 1 troy ounce.

What is gold bullion?

Gold Bullion are coins made from precious metal by sovereign mints. Some examples include the South African Krugerrand, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, and American Gold Eagles. They all have face-value denominations making them legal tender in the United States.

What is the ask price of gold?

The ask price is the current gold spot price given to sellers in the live spot market. Ask is typically for those wanting to sell their physical gold.

What is the bid price of gold?

The bid price is the current gold spot price given to buyers in the live spot market. Bid is typically for those wanting to buy their physical gold.

What is the premium on gold prices?

The premium price on gold bullion is the added positive markup that is created by refining, assaying, and designing the gold bullion coins. It is very difficult to obtain gold coinage in the spot market for less than spot value, due to the premium on physical precious metals.

How do I sell gold online?

The easiest way to sell gold bullion and physical precious metals is to sign up for a pure marketplace account, where we offer a "stock-exchange" experience for physical metals. You can sign up here for free today and get access to portfolio tracking tools and liquidity for your precious metals items.

Is gold taxed?

Gold is taxed on the sale of physical items in only 10 states around the US. These states are California (7.5%) Exempt over $2,000, Connecticut (6%), Maryland (6%), New York (4%), Ohio (5.75%), and Pennslyvania (6%), Rhode Island (7%), South Carolina (6%), Florida (6%) Exempt under $500. Gold is always taxed on capital gains in the US, but can be reduced with Self-Directed IRA storage, but you may not be able to have physical access to these items. For an updated regulation law on gold storage and sales tax around the United States please refer to your local government rules. Gold price can be altered for physical metals due to these sales tax restrictions and regulations.

What is the all-time high price of gold?

The All-Time High (ATH) price of gold was $2,450.05 on May 20th, 2024, for which the tensions between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East caused an uptick in "save-haven assets" such as precious metals.

Why did gold prices go past $2,400?

Gold has been going up past $2,400 per troy ounce in the recent months of 2024 due to an increase in political and geographic turmoil, putting pressure on the United States, backed by rising inflation and uncertainty going into the 2024 presidential election.

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