Selling Fees and Shipping Costs on Pure

Trey Benedict
Trey Benedict
On June 09, 2024

Pure Marketplace Fee Rate Structure

There are two separate fee rates on pure, depending on whether your items are classified as bullion or semi-numismatic coins. Fee rates are also dynamic and can rely on supply and demand forces at any time. Generally, tighter spreads and lower premiums have the lowest fee rate (0.75%), while the higher fee rate (3.0%) applies to less-liquid products with higher premiums.

Some examples of the (0.75%) fee structure:

  • American Gold Eagles

  • American Silver Eagles

  • Canadian Maple Leafs

  • Australian Kangaroos

  • Gold Bars

  • Silver Bars

  • Platinum Bars

  • Palladium Bars

  • Vintage World Gold

Some examples of the (3.0%) fee structure:

  • Proof American Gold Eagles

  • Proof Platinum Eagles

  • American Liberty High Reliefs

These fee rates are dynamic and can change over time, any updates to the fee rates will be outlined specifically on the checkout page before locking in an order.

Selling Different Fee Structured Items

Say you add one item from the lower tier structure above and one item from the higher tier structure together in the same cart to sell. The system will automatically adjust the fees to match their respective fee structures.

Fee Structure example post.

For instance, in the chart above, there are two types of products being sold: American Silver Eagles (0.5%) and Proof American Gold Eagles (3.0%) creating a combined fee rate of (1.25%).

What does the fee rate cover?

Our fee rate covers a couple of different things that keep the marketplace operating and pushing more volume.

  • Shipping Insurance (Third-Party Double Insured)

  • FedEx Overnight Labels (Over $25k), FedEx express labels (Under $25k)

  • Development and employee salaries

  • Market Hedge

  • Identity, AML, and Fraud Prevention

Your support of the fee rate allows Pure to become a better marketplace and be able to add more products and build more markets in the future.

Shipping Costs and Labels

FedEx Express is the most commonly used service for Pure, with overnight labels and express labels generated just 15 minutes after your order is locked in.

Label Cost Structure:

Orders under $10k: $25 Label + Insurance Fee

Orders between $10k-$25k: Free 2Day Express Label

Orders over $25k: Free Standard Overnight Express Label

Orders over $50k: Free Priority Overnight Express Label

Overs over $250k: Please contact for armored car pickup (Brinks, Loomis, Malca)

All orders must include the original packing slips and be packed box-in-box to be considered for insurance. Orders may not be shipped over the weekend and could result in voided shipping insurance if shipped on Fridays.