2024 United States Mint Product Release: Star Privy American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin

Trey Benedict
Trey Benedict
On July 01, 2024

What we know so far about the 2024 Star Privy American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin:

As of July 1st, 2024, the United States Mint has announced to partners and Authorized Purchasers of the United States Mint American Silver Eagles Programs that it would be producing a 2024 American Silver Eagle featuring a Five-Pointed Star Privy Mark. This comes in collaboration with an unnamed video game studio that plans to promote the coins as a part of an in-game promotion, or quest that players will have to achieve to unlock and receive their 2024 Star Privy American Silver Eagle. Each coin will be .999 Fine Silver, struck in Mint State, Brilliant Uncirculated condition by the Philadelphia Mint, featuring a five-pointed star on the obverse, very similar to the Proof V75 Privy in 2020, featuring the rainbow pool memorial. The monster boxes of these coins will feature a distinct change in the banding of the seals, being struck in Philadephia with white straps, instead of west point with yellow straps. Each coin distributed by the promotion will be the same as the ones released to Authorized Purchasers via Monster Boxes.

New Details and Design featuring the Star Privy

The new 2024 Star Privy American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin does not yet have any release of press or images, so we have created a mockup image to show what the privy mark might look like on the coin itself. The mockup features an American Silver Eagle Inspired Star Privy, that is located between "In God We Trust" and Lady Liberty's reaching hand. These coins will not be struck in Proof quality like the previous American Silver Eagle Privy Coins and instead will be an exclusive bullion release.

Mockup of the 2024 Star Privy ASE

Price Point and Mintage

The mintage is a limited edition release of 900,000 pieces, or just 1,800 monster boxes containing 500 coins each. Of these 900,000 Star Privy American Silver Eagles, it is said that 50,000 will be distributed through an exclusive in-game mechanism with the video game company that is collaborating with the United States Mint. The authorized purchaser price point will be significantly higher than normal American Silver Eagles due to the production and distribution of the coins from the Philadelphia Mint and the creation of new privy dies. Expect the retail cost for consumers to be somewhere around $15-20 over the spot price on release day.

How to Purchase on Release Day

Since these coins are sold by Authorized Purchasers, they must be purchased on the retail market and cannot be purchased by the Public on the United States Mint Website. Luckily, Pure happens to have direct allocations to this new release and can supply the 2024 Star Privy American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin when it is released to the public in Late October/Early November 2024.

Aftermarket Buying and Selling

The best place to purchase on the aftermarket is on the Pure Marketplace. All items will be listed before the release to start building the aftermarket 2024 Star Privy American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin, or buy from the lowest ask and add the hottest mint release of the year to your collection.

This article will be updated with more information as it is available from the US Mint.